AATASH NORCONTROL LTD. has expertise in Vessel Tracking & Port Management System(VTPMS) and Tracking & Warning System(TWS). It brings state of the art technology in the following areas.

VTPMS   :   Ports & Harbours   :   Coastal Surveillance
TWS    :   Offshore Oil & Gas Fields   :   AIS Networks

AATASH NORCONTROL LTD. was established in 2006 as a result of a joint venture between Kongsberg Group (49%) and Aatash Group (51%)  to improve market reach in India and to take advantage of low cost efficient skill labour to manufacture Kongsberg products.

AATASH Norcontrol Ltd. is a project- oriented company and employs about 30 people. Aatash has entered in to BOOT agreement with GoG and GMB to design, finance, establish, maintain, manning for 30 years and then transfer the project of Vessel Traffic & Port Management System (VTPMS) for Gulf of Khambhat.

The company has also developed the modern satellite based transponders for Tracking & Warning System (TWS) for fisherman.

KONGSBERG is knowledge based defence oriented company and employs more the 5200 people in 25 countries. The turnover of the year 2008 was 11,056 million NOK.
Kongsberg Kongsberg Norcontrol IT Kongsberg Norcontrol IT - India
Development, design and production of :
Vessel Traffic & Port Management Systems (VTPMS) *
Tracking and warning system (TWS) for Fishing Boats & Fishermen *
AIS Network system *
High Quality Radar and microwave based systems
Computer based voyage data recorder
Harbors & coastal surveillance System *
Offshore Collision Avoidance, Safety & Security Systems *
Sea Surface & Under Water Surveillance Systems
Border Security & Surveillance Systems *
Management Information System *
Next Generation Maritime Solutions through C-Scope Product Family *
Development, design and production of :
Maritime traffic surveillance  Kongsberg Maritime - Offshore
AIS Networks  Maritime and Offshore simulators
Coastal Surveillance  Motion monitoring systems
Collision Avoidance, Safety and Security Systems Process automation
C-Scope Product Family Kongsberg Maritime - Subsea
Management Information Systems Autonomous underwater vehicles
River Information Systems Camera systems
Vessel Traffic Management Information Systems Echo sounders
VTS Training Positioning
Real-time mapping and tracking software Sonars
InterWORX Sub bottom profilers
InterMAPhics Telemetry
InterCOM DDS Underwater vehicle instruments
InterVIEW Kongsberg Maritime - Dynamic positioning system
I-SIM Dynamic positioning - DP system, K-Pos DP11/12
Go to Kongsberg Spacetec's web site Dual redundant dynamic positioning - DP system, K- Pos DP-21/22
Ground Stations for Polar Orbiting Satellites Dynamic positioning - DP system - Triple modular redundant K-Pos DP31/32
Ground Stations for Geostationary Satellites Compact Dynamic Positioning - DP System
Ship detection Position mooring system
Oil Spill detection Reference systems for dynamic positioning
Data acquisition systems Riser management system
Synthetic Aperture Radars (SAR) systems Kongsberg Maritime - HiPAP underwater positioning systems
Ground station networking HiPAP 100 High Precision Acoustic Positioning System
Kongsberg Satellite Services - Ground Station Services HiPAP 350 High Precision Acoustic Positioning System
TT&C High Precision Acoustic Positioning, HiPAP 350P System
Sounding Rocket Support HiPAP 450, High Precision Acoustic Positioning System
Launch Support HiPAP 500 High Precision Acoustic Positioning System
Global data dump / Orbit Support  Acoustic positioning operating station
Pole to Pole HiPAP and HPR calibration tool
SvalSat Hydroacoustic Position Reference - HPR 
Tromso Ground Station Multi User Long Base Line positioning system
Grimstad Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies - Simulation
TrollSat/Antarctica LedaFlow®
Kongsberg Satellite Services - Earth Observation Services K-Spice®
Oil spill detection Generic Simulator
Ship detection SIM Reservoir™
Snow mapping Coin3D
MODIS products  3D Modelling and Animation
Data sales Vispo 3D Marine Coordination
Ice navigation Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies - Intellifield Collaboration 
Kongsberg Maritime - Merchant Marine  Integrated Collaboration Environments
Bridge systems Business Consulting
Engine room systems Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies - Intellifield Drilling Software
Sensors and transmitters SiteCom® 
Tank gauging and measurements Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies - SeaFlex Riser Technologies
Kongsberg Protech Systems Riser Management Technology
Remote Weapon Station  riserNET
PROTECTOR Training System Riser Management System
Fish finding and fishery research
WOR Database
Sonars Havtroll
Echo sounders Havtroll Teknikk
Fishfinders Kongsberg Defence Systems
Trawl instruments Aerostructures  
Trawl sonars Air Defence Systems 
Catch monitoring systems Army Command and Control Information Systems
Transducers Defence Communications 
Scientific instruments Missile Systems 
  Naval Systems 
  Simulation and Training 

Employee Area